For the last months I’ve been shooting mostly this little guy called Ziphius, and now he is on Kickstarter seeking for a complete funding.

Right now it’s beyond 50% of its goal. If you want to help his team and make Ziphius a reality* make a pledge, anything from 1$ to infinity! :)

*Well, in a way it is already a reality, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with the prototypes displayed here.

This is what I came up as an entry for Makedo and Threadless contest. It’s a sound dock made with cardboard box, a sound tweeter (with a plug) and some Makedo pieces that Threadless put on my shipment. Oh, and it’s iPhone 5 compatible! :P

Update after contest: I added a little amp with 2xAAA battery and a on/off button, this thing is LOUD now!

Badges from my photos and artworks

Badges from my photos and artworks