Promotional video for one of the best bakeries in Lisbon, Alimentar meu caro Watson

Model: Ayumi
Edit: Vasco Cruz
Production Assistant: Catarina Limão
Camera & Color: Manuel Lino

Detail from RodaGira store, Lisbon

Detail from RodaGira store, Lisbon

Bike Polo Lisboa during their open day, last sunday.

When Alicja told me that she wanted to do this, I said “I want to record that!”, and here it is: Papers, a performance/urban installation by Alicja Milesi.

Groundzero recording studios in Lisbon, during a Diaphra’s audio mastering session.

Lisbon by night

Impossible PX 70 used in my “new” Polaroid PS 70, Cacilhas, Portugal.

Images from the November 14th Portuguese manifestation, that turned into a riot

UEFA and FPF members visit Lisbon in preparation for the UEFA Champions League 2014 final

15 de Setembro

Rock in Rio 2012 in black & white